Rold & crewEdit

Face Rebels

Akeru’s royal line was killed and overthrown by the Horse tribe, and with all the strong people taken Eastward to die in a war no one wants, the people are bitter and angry about the situation. A group of old and crippled men have gathered with a plot to slay any Horse Tribe citizens they can, deeming that any blow to the Horse Tribe will be worth it.

The group appears to be led by Rold, a career farrier who was conscripted by the Horse Tribe during their draft, before they had all the horses taken. With no horses he has no job, and no hope. Action must be taken in retaliation to this treatment. He’s the main proponent of the plot to lure the Horse Nation Army to their gates. In their ranks is an unknown man who appears to be a splitter , whom they intend to use to battle the Horse Tribe.