Akeru SoldiersEdit

In an effort to quell uprisings in the newly conquered Akeru of the Dog tribe, the Horse Tribe drafted all able bodied men and channellers into their army, to fight in the war against Al’Haura. This act crippled Akeru, leaving behind the very old, the very young and the very incapable.

Ankara FihanEdit

Face Ankara

She became captain of the Akeru Guard in the absence of the previous captain, drafted for the war. She’s a stoic and sombre soul, taking her role as the city’s protector very seriously. No one else, however, takes her seriously, believing a small woman is incapable of the task.

Not only is she the new captain but has been given a greater, more mysterious task by the great channeller Artath . Whether she has been tasked with this because Artath believes her capable, or there was nothing better around is unclear, but she intends to aide Artath in his mysterious mission, the dutiful and serious woman she is.

Toas SavkEdit

Face Toas

He confined to his sick bed when the draft began, Toas was spared being taken as he was deemed too weak to be of use. He is also only 15, but that has never stopped the horse tribe drafting young lads. He’s meek, weak and sickly, but will do what he can to help the city guard and his captain, Ankara, whom he admires unquestionably.