Al’Haura is the neighbouring continent to Norheim. They once were joined but the Split of the World resulted in the Rift, a rocky and impassable chasm that now separates the two. Al’Haura does not suffer from the Black Wind and has been able to advance technologically to which Norheim thinks is an abomination unto the gods. The Al’Hauren’s still use channelling, but have integrated it into machinery and focused their attention onto conveniences and daily comforts. Neorheimers sometimes call them Machinists derogatorily.

The war exists because The Horse Nation wants to move across and conquer the lands over the sea, to escape the clutches of the Black Wind to become truly glorious, and have been entwined in war for many years. Great King Heiour III began this war, which spurred his desire to gather the God Shards , to be used as weapons. Both continents have channelling, but Al’Haura has superior weaponry, so the Norheimers needed godly power on their side.

Almost no advances on the war have been made while King Hundus has sat the throne. The idea to recruit Deiderik, the child killer backfired spectacularly and now most of the war effort involves holding a small colony on an Al’Hauren island near the mainland coast. To fuel the war effort The Horse Nation has begun drafting all available channellers and able bodied soldiers from some of the conquered tribes, most recently the Dog Tribe.