Animal Deities Edit

The animal deities are gods of mortal invention. Animal deities have the most influence in the lives or mortals, as the least powerful gods they are the most interested in clawing their way up the hierarchy to gain power. Each animal has its own god, but only some have attached themselves to tribes and taken on their tribe’s characteristics. 

With Lyaha’s conquering of Norheim many lesser deities from smaller tribes have been extinguished, as all their worshippers were killed or absorbed into larger tribes. These gods still exist in a lesser form, often wandering the mortal plain as mythic creatures with diminished purpose.  

While one tribe may be affiliated with one main animal deity, all of them are worshipped for their attributes. For instance a mortal of the Dog tribe may pray to the god of agriculture and the sun god  for a good crop before praying to Kutya the dog-god for protection. 

Lyaha - Horse god of war. Edit

Lyaha is arguably the most powerful of the animal deities. She has aligned herself with a war-like tribe of people who desire conquest. With conquest comes more worship and power. The religion revolving around Lyaha is that conquest will save the world from the god of Destruction ending all life. The more land conquered, the more people saved from this fate. Once conquest ends, Destruction will rain upon them all and wipe out Norheim. They believe the Splitter is the harbinger of the 3rd God Lord, and thus all lands must be taken over to weed out the Splitter, and kill them before it can begin.

 Lyaha has machinations to conquer all Norheim, and become the 4th God Lord to replace The End. She will not stop on her blazing war path and will do whatever it takes to secure this goal.  

Kutya - Dog god of family and versatility Edit

Due to the size of the dog tribe she is the second most powerful god, and one of the few things keeping Lyaha from attacking the people of the Dog Tribe. She is the protector of family, not necessarily restricted to those related by blood. Her doctrines are those of inclusivity and fairness. She is easily adaptable. The people of the Dog Tribe live by these rules, to go with the flow, and to never stagnate, despite the trapping of the Black Wind.

As dogs come in many breeds, so do the people of the Dog Tribe. They don’t have one identity, but many, and the people are proud of their heritage. From a few miles away, one city may have a completely different accent and microculture than another. It is their versatility that makes the Dog tribe strong. 

Iníon Na Tíre ,Wolf god of Hunting Edit

A small tribe, with a powerful God. It’s a mystery why Iníon Na Tíre is such a formidable God, their only guess being that there are more people in the Wolf Tribe than previously known about, or some unknown worshippers across the continent. 

She’s a stoic and secretive God, sometimes glimpsed stalking among her tribe, watching over her people. She will only reveal herself to those whom she permits and she guards her people and land with extreme ferocity. It is known that her howls summon the aroura in the sky, and her song fills those who hear it with a sublime sense of reverence if you’re good of heart, and a deathly grip of fear if you are not.  

It is said that if you become lost in the thick forests of the Wolf Tribe, and you are separated from your clan, she will appear, and teach you how to hunt as the she-wolf teaches her cubs.  

The Wolf people have learned from her nobility, and quiet majesty. They don’t need showmanship or loud declarations to prove their worth. An alpha knows they’re an alpha without having to boast about it. 

Suvedra- Wardinggull  of warding stones Edit


A wardinggull is a name given to a specific gull that makes its nests on the cliffs of the Wardinggull tribe. They are large seabirds similar to a great black-backed seagull. They are the primary transporters of the precious warding stones, created only in the Warding tribe. As such, they are a worshipped animal, and a sign of good luck to many.  

Suvedra herself is loud, and obnoxious with her calls, but to the people of her tribe it is the sound of safety and prosperity. She’s quite an active god, and can sometimes be glimpsed circling above her tribe through the clouds. 

Salmon -Trade Edit

Snowy owl -Beauty Edit

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=== Snow lion -Pride  in heritage and past ===

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