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Face Bayern
The legend of the formation of the Horse Nation centres around Bayern the horse deity.  He was created by the [ God

of War, Lyaha], and given as a gift to Ry The First who rode the steed into battle, winning the land to became the king and founder of the Horse Tribe. Bayern would be passed down through generations, and only ridden by those worthy of ruling the Horse Nation. Some rulers were not deemed worthy by Bayern, and he would disappear into the wilderness for years, only to pop up again once a worthy ruler sat the throne.  No one knows his exact age, but he has been alive for hundreds of years.

He’s a gargantuan equine, a Friesian standing at some 20 hands, but his size does not impede his speed. He’s also known to burst into black flame like some kind of hideous hell-horse and trample his foes to death in a whorl of hooves and fire.

He’s ornery and wilful, and refuses to wear anything other than a saddle. Those attempting to bridle him may meet a vicious end of bites, kicks and fire. Therefore, the rider must have exemplary riding skills to be able to ride him. He’s not an obedient animal; he’s generous, and who might listen to your requests if you ask him with the correct amount of reverence. But he might not, with the answer to your request being in the camp of the aforementioned hooves, fire and death.

He’s currently attached himself to Kauza, and did so even before the death of the crown princess Læra which was the source of many courtly whispers. Bayern is said to be the steed of the ruler only, so choosing the second in line stirred some tension in the royal line.