Name: Brynook (BRIN-uk) Corin Adrick
Face Bryn

Age: 23 or something?

Birthplace: Underbridge, Machina, Al’Haura

Religious affiliation: none

Status: bum

Likes: Junk food, smoking, sleeping, intoxicants

Dislikes: Work, mornings

Notable skills: Literacy, high alcohol tolerance, superior loitering ability, scallywagging, pick pocketry.

Brynook is a languid and despondent ragamuffin, with motivation wavering in the negative digits.  His humble beginnings paved way to a humble middle which led to humble current goings on. He was born in Underbridge in Machina in the country Al’Haura as an only child to a single mother, and was very, very poor.  His mother’s gradual declining health meant that Brynny boy soon became the sole supporter of their tiny family which didn’t end well for either.  He had a brief stint as a homeless lad which gave him plenty of opportunities to practise light fingered larceny and tricking people into giving him money.

Unforeseen circumstances have forced Bryn out of his home country, and into the slave loving continent to be carted around by a surly, black-haired, green-eyed-man who seems displeased with the whole affair.

Brynook’s quippy witticism, sarcasm, penchant for thievery, and seemingly endless capacity for alcohol consumption may not be enough to arm him against the metaphorical and literal monsters of Norheim, but for reasons he won’t divulge, he is unable to return to his homeland.