Channelling at its core is the transformation and movement of energy. Channelling can manifest itself in many varieties, but in its most basic form a channeller may force and influence the energy of the earth, the air and the water. There are many levels to the three simple forms (such as fire being a part of air), and these energies can be combined to create different effects.

One who specialises in a certain discipline of channelling is often referred to as a ‘forcer’ of their chosen element. Air forcing is one of the most common forms of channelling because air is so readily available. In order to channel you need to be in contact with your chosen element in order to manipulate it, which again is why air forcing is the popular choice. To create fire, you need a combination of specific materials which will allow this.

To be able to access the powers of the earth air and water a channeller needs to have a channelling stone . To become a powerful channeller requires powerful channelling stones, and study of your chosen field. While an air forcer may have an affinity with air forcing it does not mean that they will be unable to learn other channelling practises.

Channelling is the magic of the rich, as it requires resources to become a powerful channeller. The sad truth is that the best channeller on the planet may lie undiscovered because of a lack of access to education and to the stones themselves.

As channelling has only been made available in recent history there is still a lot unknown about it.