Without a stone channelling is impossible. The stone acts as a focal point for the energy to pass through and be altered into your desired effect. When first introduced to channelling stones all children and new channellers are told the following analogy:

Imagine a large sack filled with water. The water represents the channelling energy. Without an access point in the sack there is no way to gain the power of the water contained within it. If you have a channelling stone, this is the same as causing a tiny hole in the sack of water. Now the water can come gushing out, in a powerful, concentrated stream when pressure is applied, forcing it through.

The channelling stone in its simplest form acts as a ‘channel’ through which power and energy is forced, hence the name channelling. It is a point of focus so the effect can be greatly increased. Its more complicated form involves the combination of elements and objects in order to cause a specific affect. The stones are the ‘spells’ that create the magic. Different objects provide different kinds of energies, therefore the combination of the different energies are what cause the different effects.

The stones themselves are crafted. While a simple stone picked up off the ground will create a simple focal point, the authentic channelling stones have been constructed by master stone crafters. They are often hollowed out and contain different items depend on what channelling spell you desire to create.

As channelling has not grown alongside humans there is still a lot to be discovered, and new forms of channelling, coupled with new channelling techniques, are constantly arising in this ever shifting discipline.