Deiderik VarsalEdit


Deiderik was discovered to be the Splitter when was 12 years old, after he caused an earthquake, cracking the ground during a festival. His family sought the protection of the palace immediately, who took in the young Deiderik to keep him safe, as most splitters are killed upon their discovery for fear they will being about an Age of Splitter.

He was raised as a ward in the palace by decree of King Hundus, the royal family spoiling him and doting upon his every whim in order to keep him on their side. Hundus’ objective was to use him as a weapon to infiltrate the rest of Norheim and eventually attack  the neighbouring continent Al’Haura.

It took the court of the Horse Nation a long time to ascertain if he was suffering from splitter madness as he was petulant well into adulthood. By the time they realised he was afflicted with splitter madness it was far too late to take any action to halt its progress. The madness took form in him becoming increasingly aggressive towards young children and mothers, inexplicably. Towards the end of his short life he was often heard stalking around the palace, his screaming ramblings about children sucking up the life force of others, until tragedy finally broke and he acted upon his delusions. In a horrific event, he descended upon the nearby schools and killed near a hundred children, including infants and any pregnant women he could find.

The Attack on the Royal Family. Edit

King Hundus reacted at this horror, and sent his best soldiers to try and apprehend him.  Deiderik retaliated, he wasn’t about to let Hundus stop him on what he thought was a noble feat so he lashed out at the royal line, murdering any, and all related to Hundus. Deiderik killed the pregnant queen Ragnhild, and all her and Hundus’ children leaving only Hundus alive. He faced Hundus in the great hall throne room and attacked him, with only Ry’Talil to protect the king. In this fight Deiderik was slain but left Hundus severely maimed and a crack in the Great Hall, to be named the Cracked Hall henceforth.

Norheim sighed in relief at the death of Deiderik, the end of days postponed until the next splitter is revealed.