Stones can be imbued with channelling energies by master stone crafters. While channelling ability exists in varying degrees of aptitude in people it is thought that all people hold at least some ability to channel, which is why the effect stones can exist. 

To put simply, the effect stones cause an ambient ability that one does not need to focus on or cause to happen for a limited time and usage. All effect stones will eventually run out of power and stop working.  The most common and widely known of these are the warding stones. To list a few common effect stones are:  

Warding Stones  Edit

Warding stones mask the user from the Black Wind, enabling travel outside of the safety of the perimeter wall. These stones are crafted especially by the Gull Tribe, as no others have been able to decipher what it is that causes the cloaking effect. The Gull tribe hold a monopoly for this reason and is an exceedingly wealthy and powerful tribe. The stones do not last forever and their effects will run out, leaving a traveller vulnerable. They are expensive and difficult to make, and the effects only lasting a few days means that free travel around the containment is still not viable.  

Heat Stone - Edit

Cloaks the user in a warming aura, to brave the cold and prolongued winters of Norheim.  

Cooling Stone - Edit

Popular in the hotter parts of Al'Haura, a user feels less overheated, as this stone provides releif from the sweltering sun 

Light Stone -  Edit

As a torch does, this stone emits a constant bright light. Sometimes used as decoration, as the lighting colours can be changed.  

Rarer stones- Edit

A more rare, albeit infamous stone, is the blood stone. This is a healing item which will instantly cure illnesses, knit together wounds, and generally stave off death for the most part. A splitter is the only one capable of creating a blood stone as it is fuelled by a living human’s life force being torn out and stuffed into a rock, the same as the God Stone.  

Many more forms of effect stone exist and are more readily available, with some being more easily crafted than channelling stones.