Face Fastest

Name: The Fastest One

a.k.a: Fastest

Age: unknown

Birthplace: Most likely Somewhere in the wolf tribe

Religious affiliation: vengeance

Status: channeller

Likes: Running, meat, cheese, hunting, singing, digging, biting, being more badass than everyone

Dislikes: Sudden/loud noises, thunder

Notable skills: Water Forcing, inhuman speed,  heightened senses, a bite force of 1,500 pounds.

Why is her name a superlative? Because she’s the fastest, that’s why.

Fastest lacks interest in most things forced upon women as feminine interests, eschewing any kind of bodily decorations even extending to some forms of hygiene, such as neat hair, makeup, and even clothing when she can get away with it.  Just try and get her to wear shoes.  She does enjoy shiny things though, so she’ll abide jewellery if she so chooses.

She is brave to the point of recklessness, which isn’t helped by cockiness at her speed and power.  She isn’t the type to hide how she’s feeling or be euphemistic to spare your feelings. Her bluntness may be misinterpreted as antagonistic, which you may soon realise is nothing once you witness her actual antagonistic.

She fluctuates from stern glowering, to playful bouncing, the latter being her default, and the former being behaviour she needs self prompting to perform.  She aspires to be a calm and commanding presence, and will behave in such a way whenever she remembers, but underneath she’s a playful and curious sport.

 While her past may remain a mystery she has made it abundantly clear to anyone who she’ll want to speak to that she seeks one thing: vengeance.