Fileyo UbhuteeEdit


Fileyo (Fil) was Brynook’s best friend growing up in the coastal city Machina. Machina is known for being the first city in Al’Haura to stop keeping the white people with fair hair as slaves. It is a progressive city, at the forefront of technology, and ‘machines’ for which the city is named.

With technological progress comes a disparity of wealth, as companies and factories arise, creating a need for cheap labour. The newly freed slaves were welcome here to work, and as such Machina has the greatest population of racial diversity and vast, sprawling expanses of slums and ghettos to house all the folk who are paid in pennies to labour in the factories.

These ghettos used to exclusively house the ex- slaves, but as the wealth disparity increased many of the indigenous Al’Hauren’s have fallen below the poverty line, which is where Brynook and Fileyo grew up.

Fil was a rock to Brynook when his life was spiralling downwards. Although Fil and his family we’re living in the poorest area of the city, Underbridge, he shared what he could with his friend. He was a laid back, warm and thoughtful young man, who would put others in front of his own wellbeing.  Fil and Bryn helped each other survive, and were practically brothers, sharing everything they could despite their poverty.

Fileyo is now dead.