After the Split of the God the god shards were scattered across the continent. As a demonstration of the ingenuity of mortals and their assertion that they must seek things out that are bad for them the god shards were quickly uncovered and mortals started to use their residual powers. As with any of the god’s tools they are inherently permeated with corrosive properties, and their power started to leak into the surrounding areas, or anything unlucky enough to possess one of them. The god shards tainted their surroundings and mutated their wielders to hideous monsters. The god shards became known to be more dangerous than useful and have largely been left alone since the first few decades after the split of the god.

The Horse Tribe, under King Heiour III's rule, sought to demonstrate their might as an empire by capturing the god Shards. In addition to sealing away the god Stone safely Heiour III Led an expedition to retrieve the God's Eye, a god shard known to be in the Bear Tribe forests neighbouring the Horse Tribe. The Eye had fused with the mountain and gave horrific visions to any who approached it. The team managed to excavate it regardless, but on the journey home, they were all plagued with horrific delusions. The King was murdered by his accompaniment. A second and more sombre expedition retrieved his corpse, alongside The Eye, which was placed in the tomb next to the god stone. 

Heiour III's son, Hundus, ascended to the throne and was expected to continue his father's work. He was halted in his task because of the Splitter, Deiderik. Hundus was seriously injured and unable to partake on the expeditions required, therefore his son Kauza was to go in his place.

Kauza successfully retrieved the gods Claws from the wolf tribe.  The Claw's effects are hitherto unknown.