Hundus Of BlackcastleEdit

Face Hundus

Hundus was crowned with great anticipation after the glorious reign of his father Heiour III. The country may well have been ruled by a potato for all the good he did. In his youth he was far more interested in furthering the cultural and civic aspects of the tribe than being a warrior king. Considering the main doctrine of the Lyahan religions is ‘conquer, or die’ he seemed to be leaning more towards the ‘die’ side of that bargain.

As he aged fear consumed him that he would be a forgotten king and he began a misguided scrabble for glory and recognition. He sought to be the first king who would conquer the Dog Tribe, the Horse Nation’s long standing enemy. Thinking it a more cerebral approach to conquering, he attempted to unite the two through marriage, and married princess Ragnhild of the Dog tribe. She begat him 4 healthy children, and a 5th was on the way, but this move made no headway in swaying the Dog Tribe to unite with the Horse, as Ragnhild was only the princess of a lesser city so had no political clout, and was not even the heir apparent for the city regardless.

After this failure Hundus furthered his attempt for glory by locating The Splitter, Deiderik Varsal. Instead of killing him to impede the cataclysm that usually follows an announced splitter, Hundus befriended him. He congratulated himself as being the first king to coerce the Splitter to fight on their side.

As with all previous attempts to weaponise the Splitter, it wasn’t long before blood stained the walls. Deiderik was stricken with splitter madness and began a systematic slaughter of Hundus’ family, killing everyone that was vaguely related to him, including his 4 children and pregnant wife. His rampage finally came to an end with an altercation in the Great Hall, when Hundus and Ry’Talil brought his spree to an end with Deiderik’s death. Hundus takes the credit for this glorious vanquish of the foe, but there is speculation among the proletariat on who really dealt the final blow. Hundus was severely maimed during the bout leaving him badly lacerated on the right side of his face, without both feet and his left hand.

Crippled, injured and suffering from PTSD from his brush with death at the hands of Deiderik, he’s not doing very well as a king for a country that instates their rulers based upon their ferocity.  All Hundus’ attempts to gain glory were met with disaster, and the people began calling him ‘the first King’ out of malice for his constant declarations of being ‘the first king to…’

After years of brooding over the death of his first family he finally took a new wife out of necessity and pressure from the three councillors, with the attempted political union of church and state, when he married Vakas, sister of the current head of the Lyahan religion. No longer feeling emotionally equipped to handle the pain of losing a wife and children again, his fatherly approach is more of

a light application of fathering, with heavy berating.