Kirja Raogata Edit


Face Kirja

Kirja is the eldest daughter of the Raogata  family and is Vakas’ elder sister. The Raogatas have held the High Summoner position for generations and are a revered and powerful family. The Summoner is the head of the Lyahan religion and it is told that they are able to communicate with Lyaha herself through complete devotion to piousness.

The position  of High Summoner is one that is held for life once you are appointed, and Kirja is less than thrilled with this prospect. She’s a bitter and cold woman with the years of being burdened with her station wearing on any patience she may have once possessed.  She is very distant with her youngest sister, and despite working closely in the palace she harbours little in the way of sisterly affection towards her, however she adores her grandchildren.

It is said that she is in direct contact with Lyaha and interprets Lyaha’s will to disseminate to the people. However, just because something is said doesn’t make it true.