Læra of Blackcastle Edit


Læra’s birth came as a great relief to the country in grieving over the loss of almost the entire royal line, barring the infirm Hundus. She was the first born of Vakas and Hundus, and was well loved throughout the nation. The country celebrated their new hope for their future queen as she demonstrated the traits they had come accustomed to in their monarchs. She was fierce, decisive, and had a mind for military conquest.

Læra was groomed to surpass Hundus and bring back glory to the nation, and so spent most of her childhood sequestered away in classrooms, studying history, military tactics, channelling, politics and everything a future ruler needed. She would find respite from this serious world in her two younger siblings Kauza and Zosay. If she wasn’t in lessons, she was playing with them.

She was far from a perfect princess everyone remembers her as. While ferocity is favoured in princesses, she had tempestuous bouts of rage which were often directed at the servants and slaves, whom she abhorred. This unrestrained temper ultimately played a hand in her death.

Her death- Edit

A rebel insurrection in the south of the country on the boarder of the Bear Tribe required action, and it was deemed that Kauza should go in order to develop his skills in peace keeping while simultaneously demonstrating that the royal family were invested in the country to care enough to turn up. During a particularly extended tantrum, Læra could not abide waiting. Kauza was temporarily incapacitated attributable to ill timed and uncharacteristic night of heavily revelry; she decided that she would go in his stead. Her rationale being that as the heir apparent her appearance would be more impactful than his, but mostly because she was angry at her brother.

She met her end on the battlefield as her entourage was beset upon rebels in an ambush. Only one was left alive, to deliver the message that their princess had met her end. Reports say that a warrior in gleaming silver armour, wielding a morning star, crushed her skull after a bloody and prolonged fight.