Unlike the Four God Lords who are four entities that form one whole, Life and Death work in tandem but are separate entities. They don’t work for the same goal, but know one can’t exist without the other’s work.

Upon the death of a mortal, their souls are split into two parts. Their soul energy, that which makes that mortal who they are, and their physical energy, the energy that enabled them to live.  

Powerful religions form around the two alongside any Tribal Deity worship.

Life-The Gatekeeper Edit


She holds the keys to the afterlife of those deemed worthy to be put back into the cycle. She and her many underlings take the recycled souls from Death and funnel them back to be reincarnated. She sits in judgement over souls who wish to return to the mortal world and balances out their good deeds against their bad ones. Those who are very good are given a choice to be reincarnated or remain in the afterlife for a while. Those who are not deemed good will be banished to purgatory until their souls have been purified.

Death- Lord of the Four hellsEdit


She governs the four hells. (EDIT- explain what they are)

The hells are to filter out the corruption, punish those who led a terrible life, and reform them into good souls. Once they have been cleansed they are handed over to Life.