Name: Pippy 000 

Face Pipp

a.k.a: Harbinger 

Age: 20 

Birthplace:  Slave camp in the Horse Tribe 

Religious affiliation: … 

Status: Prince Ry’Kauza’s right hand, master of slaves 

Likes: Serving the Royal family, birds, fine clothing, well aged wine, murder  

Dislikes: untidiness, asymmetry 

Notable skills: martial arts, close quarters combat, weaponry, espionage, dimples, sleeping only two hours a night, maintaining eye-contact.  

 Underneath the wanton brandishing of a dazzling grin, he’s a seething pot of boiling rage. His contempt for others occasionally leaks outwardly to those of lower status, in varying levels of murderous violence and slow psychological torment.  Pippy, is not a very nice man, so don’t let his cute curly hair, beautiful white garments, and dimples fool you.

As is true for the majority of  Al’hauren slaves in Norheim, he was born and sold in a numbered camp, which are somewhat akin to cattle ranches.  Branded with a number on his forearms to indicate his status and where he came from, he was sold to be reared as property and to tend to the needs of the palace. Along the way he has clawed, bitten, killed, bribed, blackmailed - and with a careful application of strategic obsequiousness - clambered to his current lofty position of master of slaves, a position he created himself. Throughout his journey to the top  people were hypnotised by his effortless magnetism, and admired his warrior’s spirit.

After the death of the Heir Apparent,  Læra ,  Pippy was given to Prince Ry’Kauza as his right hand, a glorified servant/bodyguard. Pippy is obedient, and if he has any qualms over this decision forced upon him he hasn’t outwardly made any gesture towards displeasure. No, those gestures are much more subtle. While it is suspected that Pippy operates with sinister machinations behind his actions, he is thoroughly devoted to any tasks given to him, and intends to lead the prince into greatness, as he is bade. If this is parallel to Pippy’s own interests is yet unclear…