Name: Prince Ry’Kauza of Blackcastle

Face Kauza

a.k.a: Divinely chosen son  

Age: 21  

Birthplace: Blackcastle, Glorious Horse Nation.

Religious affiliation: Lyahan

Status: Master Channeller, Crown Prince

Likes: Organisation, decorum, neatness, clothes. 

Dislikes: Proletariat

Skills: Summoning, horsemanship, swordsmanship, flame & spirit channelling, eyebrows.  

Paranoid? Who told you that!? They’re always saying that.

Kauza is a sufferer of a disorder that is yet to be diagnosed in the dark ages of the Horsetribedom. What we now know is paranoid personality disorder (PPD) they call ‘being a big-girl’s-blouse’ for which the recommended prescription is ‘get over it and be a man’. However, aside from pep-talks and inspiring phrases thrown at him, they do have the foresight to at least give him medication to suppress his anxiety.  A prince must have no flaws, after all. 

What he lacks in any semblance of a sense of humour he makes up for in 6’6’’ height, impeccable style, and thick power-brows.  He is of the opinion that utilising polysyllabic lexis in every day dialogue is what it takes to be an intelligent person. He is incorrect in this assumption.

After the recent death of his elder sister he’s been thrust into the position of heir apparent. The magnitude of his new station is not lost on him and he is desperate prove to his parents, and the nation, that despite his sickly upbringing and a mental disorder, he will make an excellent king.

Kauza’s channelling abilities of summoning earned him the title of Ry, master channeller, and was hailed as Ry’Kauza henceforth. His summoning abilities extend to the sumonation of black fire, a burning substance that is little known about and even less studied, as it is believed to be spiritually sacred and only those of Godly descent are deemed worthy to wield it. Kauza, has accepted this mantle and brandishes the substance with disregard for its inviolability.

Armed with his psychopathic right-hand, Pippy, and a horse deity, he’s on the hunt for the fugitive Kavenaugh to right the wrongs that man has committed against the state, the crown and himself personally.  Not only out of a sense of justice, but for his pride and memory of his late sister.