Ry’Talil Jansmiour Edit

(Taleel Yans – myor)

Face Talil
Talil is currently the High Channeller of the Horse Nation. This position is akin to a

general. He is in charge of tactics involving the army’s channellers, whereas the general handles the army as a whole. This position is normally held by a high-born channeller, but Talil was appointed High Channeller by Hundus for his service and aide in slaying the Splitter Deiderik.

Talil began his career as a channelling warrior once the Horse Nation drafted all able bodies as fodder from poorer farming towns. He possessed aptitude at not dying, so was awarded higher ranks by process of elimination, until was picked to be trained in the Royal Channelling Academy to be knighted, earning him the prefix title Ry. He fought for Hundus during the Diederik incident, and struck the final blow, vanquishing the Splitter and saving Hundus’ life. Grateful, Hundus awarded him his current position.

He’s an intimidating man of great power, and while he may be looked down upon for being the only low-born to hold a position in the palace they have come to respect his aptitude, while simultaneously abhorring his regional accent. He’s no nonsense kind of man, and refrains from periphrasticity. His lack of high style in speech means is perceived as unintelligent, which is far from the truth.

Talil worked very closely with the Royal children whilst they were raised and did everything he could to imbue them with exemplary channelling skills, working most closely with Kauza, who displayed the greatest interest in it.