Before the god stone existed, the mortal plain was absent of magic known as channelling. The songs and legends have it that gods descended upon mortals after petty squabbles erupted in the higher realm, resulting in tantrums, sulking, and a god flouncing off to pout with mortals, albeit in the songs describe this as less petty and more grandiose than the teenage grade strop it really was. The length of time the god spent morosely brooding around the mortals awarded her a deeper understanding of mortals, more so than the elitist gods hiding in the higher realm. Frightened mortals would worship her, with which she gained more power and influence. This commenced a precarious relationship between gods and mortals The mortal plain quickly became inundated with gods, coercing mortals into fractions to gain more influence and power for themselves. 

After years of stalemate the balance shifted when one god started to imbue their tribe of mortals with the powers from the higher realm, which they called channelling. The newly overpowered tribe gained an unfair advantage over others and the god led her army of mortals with the goal of genocide, to make certain no one would worship a weak god. Many lesser gods dwindled out of existence for this reason. How can a godly being exist if no one is around to believe in them? 

The humans eventually became cognizant of being pawns in the game of the gods, but were powerless to retaliate. They knew that channelling wouldn’t exist without the presence of the gods. Channelling was a great tool for their survival, but also a weapon to threaten enemies. They needed the channelling, but on their own terms. They needed a rebellion.  

There are little records left from this tumultuous time, therefore there are no accounts of where the Splitter emerged from, but emerge they did and fight for liberty from tyranny. The Splitter entered the scene, and approached one of the most powerful of gods: The Forth god Lord, known as The End, or Rebirth. The Splitter attacked the god, whose hubris did not allow for any thought that a mortal human could cause her harm. The Splitter split the god's soul from its body, and transferred it into the stone which would be given the moniker The God Stone.  

Upon the death of The God Lord, Rebirth by the mortal hands of the Splitter, they tore its soul out its gargantuan corpse remained. Its body was still so full of powerful godly energy that the Splitter knew it could be used as a weapon if all that power were to remain in once place. He shattered the god's corpse into pieces, and the force of which spread its pieces across the continent. These pieces were called The God Shards, and the Four God Lords were now three.