Name: XXXXXX Kavenagh ( Kav-en-ah).

Steel Face

a.k.a: Steel, Kurt, Blackface.

Age: 21

Birthplace: Eiru, Red Deer Tribe.

Religious affiliation: Scorn and Disdain.

Status: Warrior Channeller, aspiring knight.

Native tongue: Gaelic.

Likes: Pubs, waistcoats.

Dislikes: Temples, laziness

Notable skills: Boxing, air forcing , violin, drinking, unintelligible accent, being a stereotype. 

He was born illegitimately when his mother, a notable noblewoman living in Blackcastle at the time, had an illicit encounter with a

dashing traveller while her husband was away. Steel claims that the birth was legitimate, by sheer virtue of the fact it occurred and he exists, but apparently there’s more semantics involved in this situation.

Filled with a burning desire to rise above the family that rejected him he promised to become knighted, and achieve the rank of Ry: royal channeller of the Horse Nation academy.  He swore that he would one day hold land and a title, with the idea that this would help solve his character flaws and feelings of worthlessness. Spoliers:  they won’t.

As he’s currently racing across the continent, hunting down the God Stone with an apprehensive acquaintance, so you may be able to glean that this ambition did not come to fruition. His reasons for his misguided  quest are as secret as his real first name, and he will only admit that he is trying ‘te fix somting!’

Steel/Kurt/Other names is proficient at air forcing, and less so at managing to keep a hold of the channelling stones that enable the aforementioned ability.  He combines his skills at boxing with this channelling, resulting in furious shock wave fuelled punches. He boasts the ability to be able to channel without the aide of channelling stones, a feat which the rest of the world knows to be impossible. He also boasts of most things, and if you were inclined to believe him, he’s punched a tiger in the face, seen a mermaid, is the best fiddle player in the world, is the world record holder for speed of beard growth,  and has kissed the princess.