The God LordsEdit

The Four God lords are the rulers of all other gods, a collective queen as one, in four parts. Together they form a cycle, and govern the cycle of all things, assigning lesser gods to tend to these cycles individually. They’re godly micro managers. They perform the power for the cycle of life into death, into life again. They are the gods that change the seasons. While they are one whole, they have a delicate dance of working in harmony, and doing battle against each other, which is destined to be repeated infinitely.

This structure of four rulers was once observed by the tribes of Norheim, having four serve as one king or queen. As is predictable, this dissolved because of politics and corruption.

They are broken, with the death of the forth God Lord, disrupting the cycles that have existed for eons.

The Gods themselves are:

The Beginning.Edit

Also called the ‘catalyst’ she is the herald of spring and of the spirit of new.

Catalyst is handed power over from Rebirth, and pours all her power into bringing the dormant or dead world back into life and fertility. Once all her power is drained by this immense task she hands the responsibility of life over to the Preserver.

The Preserver. Edit

Also called Balance, she is the herald of summer and the essence of maintenance.

Balance continues Catalyst’s work. She maintains the path of life giving and brings bounty and prosperity with maintaining life. It takes a less power to maintain the hard work done by Catalyst, but ready’s herself for inevitable battle with the coming of the god Change.

The DestroyerEdit

Also called Change, she is the herald of autumn and is the core of ruin.

The pouring of life into the world cannot continue, and the god of Destruction puts and end to it. She descends upon Balance and they battle. Balance, tired from the exertion of summer fails, and falls at the jaws of Destruction. They begin change and destroy the life that has been poured into the world.

The EndEdit

Also called Rebirth, she endures through winter and is the spirit of survival.

She is believed to be what ends the cycle of winter and ceases the path of the destroyer. The Destroyer and the Rebirth do battle, inevitably winning and halting the seemingly unstoppable path of Destruction. Feeble, and drained from the battle, she breathes life back into the cycle and with what power has left, begins it anew, handing it over to the Beginning to begin the cycle again.