The First Splitter became an instant legend- a mortal with the power to slay gods. mortals worshipped them as a new deity, however this adoration was not long lived. The Splitter began to turn their wrath onto innocents, destroying cities, rearranging the face of the planet and killing millions with their immeasurable power. Their rampage was halted when they were finally killed and the people of the continent believed the ordeal of gods and deities was ultimately finished. However, the nightmare did not end. The Splitter was reincarnated, and rose anew, bringing with them death and destruction in the following generation.

Splitting was once a fairly common power lent to mortals by the gods. The Splitter is unique from other splitters in their vastness and seemingly bottomless well of power they are able to reach into.

Splitting power manifests in many ways but there are three main splitting techniques that have been documented:

1.    They can shatter objects, by separating its parts. As an example, they can collapse a wall by separating the stone from the mortar. The effect of this is usually a violent ejection of the two substances which results in an explosion.

2.    They can cleave, or shatter objects. Most commonly this is slicing an object in half, no matter its material.

3.    Disintegrating objects. Eg breaking a stone down into sand.

Splitter madness-

The Splitter's power seems too great a burden for them, as all accounts tell of their slow descent into madness which is what leads them to rampage. Unlike the corrupting power of the gods, no one knows why the Splitter is so powerful, or why they always slide into insanity. Many believe that it is the sheer burden of carrying immense power with them is what causes their instability.

When a Splitter is identified, whenever there have been any historical records left, hundreds of thousands of deaths lay in the wake of the Splitter's wrath. For example, a splitter in Al’Haura split the land and changed the direction of river, causing intense drought in the north, killing millions. For small communities with little knowledge of the world beyond, they believe that The Splitter brings about the end of days, and they dread the time when the splitter will be reborn.

Last known splitter -

The last known Splitter was Deiderik, who was dubbed the child killer for his propensity for killing pregnant women in the later stages of his Splitter madness. He was affiliated with the Horse tribe. Many tribes in the past have attempted to ally themselves with The Splitter, despite the dangers they knew would be waiting along the road. The idea being that it is better it have them on your side than fight against them. Deiderik was relatively young and wasn't given much of a chance to cause much damage, however in his final days he was raving mad, and set about killing the entire royal family. He slaughtered Hundus’ Pregnant wife Ragnhild and their children. He killed all living relatives he could before attacking Hundus himself, who survived, and together with Ry’Talil killed Deiderik.

The Splitter is reborn every time they die. What the people or Norheim don’t know is that there are other continents beside Norheim and Al'Haura, so while they believe the Splitter is only reborn every few generations, the reality is that the Splitter often ends up on the other side of the planet. For this reason they believe that The splitter’s rebirth is arbitrary and they dread their coming.