Vakas Of Blackcastle –  Solaisus Raogata Edit

Face Vakas

Following the murder of the majority of the royal line, King Hundus was required to find a wife and sire some more heirs. He reluctantly married Solaisus Raogata, the younger sister of the current Grand Summoner Kirja. This union was politically motivated, to join the head of the religion with the head of the country. It didn’t hurt that Solaisus was easy on the eyes too, and 13 years old, so wasn’t particularly in any position to refuse.

Feeling that all of her power and autonomous decisions had been stolen from her, she exacted control wherever she could.  Upon her marriage she had her name changed from her birth name to Vakas Of Blackcastle so as be taken seriously as the new, formidable Queen. Vakas was a powerful and celebrated king of the past and the name carries a lot of meaning for the people of the Horse Tribe, bringing to mind ferocity and power.

Armed with an impressive poker face, luscious hair and famed beauty, she is the perfect picture of a Queen Consort. Underneath the poise and grace she has a furious temper, and vilipends almost anyone not related to her by blood. She is an admirable channeller and takes pride in her children’s penchant towards the way of the warrior and had not taken after Hundus.

Currently acting as Queen Regent whilst her husband’s health is in slow decline, she is denying the throne from her son for reasons she won’t speak of. She’s keeping a lot of secrets and is as immovable as a mountain over these aspects.