Zosay of Blackcastle Edit

Face Zosay

Unlike her late sister Laera and her brother Kauza, Zosay is the only child of Vakas not to possess an incandescent temper. She is a more of a calculating and cold seether. While all the royal children are trained to be rulers should the throne fall to them, she has little interest in becoming Queen, and wishes to be an explorer, discovering new worlds for the Horse Nation to conquer. She has the opinion that there may be more lands beyond the sea and it is her fervent ambition to be the one to reach it.

This goal is currently out of reach as she is bade to remain in Blackcastle until the situation of succession becomes more steady. She is aware of her duties, and begrudgingly remains until the day her brother takes the throne, keen to begin her adventure to new lands.

The death of Laera has made her more secure of her desire to travel, and she wishes to escape as soon as she is able, wishing to get away form the palace where all the memories of her time with her sister reside. She is close to Vakas and is one of the few whom Vakas will relax with.